Plug In Your Condo

Access industry leading expertise through every phase of your charging station install!
  • Make Your Condo EV Friendly
  • Canada’s most intuitive Condominium EV Charger on Burlington’s future-focused EV Network
  • Support your EV driving residents and attract new buyers!

Why Plug into the Future Grid?

Equip your condo with leading-edge, Canadian-made, intelligent charging stations that run on Burlington’s future focused EV charging network.

Give your residents the confidence in knowing that they reside in a condominium that has chosen to be aligned with the city’s premier charging system, utilizing charging station technology installed and monitored by Burlington Electricity Services Inc.

Provide turn-key charging that can be installed in the parking lot or garage. Chargers can be connected to the main meter for general use or in dedicated parking spots with individual metering – EV owners only pay for the electricity they use.

Allow residents to benefit from technology that features built in security and protection from power surges.

Option 1: The EV Chargers can be connected to the main meter for general or visitor use

Option 2: The EV Chargers can be connected to individual meters
and billed to condo suites, so EV drivers only pay for the energy they consume

Condominium Act, 2018

Ontario Regulation 48/01
Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

The Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) changed regulations of electric vehicle charging systems (EVSE), May 1, 2018 introducing a new EVSE installation approval process for obtaining approval to install EVSE’s in condominium buildings.

Step 1: Written application, by owner to the corporation, including drawings, and specifications.

Step 2: Decision, the corporation has 60 days to respond to the submission. If declined, qualified personnel must provide adequate documentation and reasoning to prove the installation of EV chargers would pose a serious health and safety risk.

Step 3:  Agreement, once the application is accepted, the owner and the corporation have 90 days to enter into a written agreement. Unless agreed otherwise, the owner is responsible for all installation costs.

For more information on the Condominium Act visit


Joe Saunders, President and CEO, Burlington Electricity Services Inc., leads condominion developers and operators through this informative overview of getting existing and new condo developments EV-ready.


to make your Condominium EV-ready


1.  EV owners want to reside in Condominiums that have made the conscious choice to meet the needs of EV drivers today and for years to come.


2. Equip your condominium with leading charging station technology


3.  If left unchecked, the cumulative demand will force the on-site electrical service and transformer to operate beyond capacity, leading to outages. We will ensure that doesn’t happen.


4.  Show your sustainability and environmental commitment by taking the lead on EV Charging and earn up to three LEEP points from the Green Building Council


5.  Allow us to manage the load of your residents EV’s so more cars can be charged simultaneously at a cheaper price


6.  Burlington Electricity Services Inc. has partnered with industry leaders to create a flexible solution for this increasing demand as the Building Code looks to mandate EV charging accommodations.


7.  Our model optimizes charging periods based on parking and driving habits of EV owners, to help size the electrical service to the building and allow for future growth.




Charging Station Features

  • CSA Certification
  • 100 % Aluminum NEMA 4x Certification
  • 25 ft ultra-flex cable from -40 ℃ to 50 ℃
  • Integrated safety features
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • Energy management features
  • Automatic software updates
  • Free CAA 24-hour emergency response for EV charging stations

The EV Future Grid is Burlington’s premier EV Charging Station Network, backed by the engineering expertise of Burlington Electricity Services Inc. The network plugs-in individual EV owners, qualifying multi-residential developers, municipal facilities, selected employers, and longer term, other public places. Several leading-edge industry partners are engaged.