Plug in Your Workplace

Access industry leading expertise through every phase of your charging station install

Equip your workplace with leading-edge, Canadian made, intelligent charging stations that run on Burlington’s future focused EV charging network. Give your employees the confidence in knowing that they work at a company that has chosen to be aligned with the city’s premier charging system, utilizing charging station technology installed and monitored by Burlington Electricity Services Inc.

Provide turn-key charging that can be installed in the parking lot or garage. Chargers can be connected to the main meter for general use or in dedicated parking spots with individual metering – Chargers are configured so public pays for access, however employees can charge for free.

Allow employees to benefit from technology that features built in security and protection from power surges.


to connect to the Future Grid


1. Have an EV Charging system tailor-made for your company’s needs by Burlington’s electricity infrastructure experts. 


2. Allow Burlington Electricity Services Inc to maximize electrical vehicle charging potential, simultaneously integrating the peak demand to stay within the energy threshold of your building


3. Burlington Electricity Services Inc can work with you to design a program to obtain income from public users of your EV Chargers while allowing your employees to charge their electric vehicles at work.


4. Decrease the range anxiety of your employees by having the comfort of guaranteed charge while using the lowest energy cost available


5. Be a part of the clean transportation movement by optimizing energy usage while working within the infrastructure in your workplace


6. EV drivers can obtain information about their charging state from their mobile phone and access
charging power levels and charging station identification data


7. Build on your sustainability platform

Workplace Charging Deployment Utilizing the Burlington Electricity Services Model

Charging Levels Explained

Level I: One hour of charge gives ̴8 KM of Range

All electric vehicles come standard with a cord-set that plugs into a regular wall socket. This is the slowest speed of charging, but ensures that no matter where you are, you can always recharge.

Level II: One hour of charger gives ̴30 KM of Range

The most common level of charging level 2 stations have a similar electrical requirement to a stove or clothes dryer. Most EV drivers install a level 2 station at home or businesses. A level 2 station will fully charge your EV overnight.

Level III: DC Fast Charge, One hour of Charge gives ̴250 KM of Range

Direct Current Fast or Quick Charging will recharge your battery from empty to 80% in 30 – 45 minutes. These stations can be found along major highways in Canada

Burlington Electricity Services Inc.
Charging Station Features

Charging Station Features

  • CSA Certification
  • Free CAA 24-hour emergency response for EV charging stations
  • Integrated safety features
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • Energy management features
  • Automatic software updates
  • 100 % Aluminum NEMA 4x Certification
  • 25 ft ultra-flex cable from -40 ℃ to 50 ℃

Trip Logger Upgrade

Enquire about the EV Future Grid powerful web-based tool and smart phone APP:

√  Helps to plan routes
√  Conserves energy and helps extend your range
√  Capitalizes on off-peak electricity prices
√  Shows charging status in real time

The EV Future Grid is Burlington’s premier EV Charging Station Network, backed by the engineering expertise of Burlington Electricity Services Inc. The network plugs-in individual EV owners, qualifying multi-residential developers, municipal facilities, selected employers, and longer term, other public places. Several leading-edge industry partners are engaged.