About Us  

Leadership Commitment

“You can depend on Burlington Electricity Services Inc. to bring the same expertise and trusted service that customers have come to expect from our sister company Burlington Hydro Inc. Every Future Grid offering is backed by decades of power and energy management experience, a deep knowledge of community electrical infrastructure and unparalleled commitment to engineering excellence.”

Joe Saunders, President

Burlington Electricity Services Inc.

Our mission at Burlington Electricity Services Inc. is to develop innovative and future focused products, services and initiatives that unleash the full potential of clean, connected, efficient and smart technologies.  We are the lead organization behind the Future Grid line of products and services.  Our current Future Grid service offerings include Suite Metering, Standby Power and EV Charging Stations.

Together with our affiliate division, Burlington Hydro Inc, our commercial focus in 2019 is the Future Grid Condo Bundle, a compelling one-stop shopping opportunity for condominium developers and condominium boards.  The Condo Bundle is backed by decades of power and energy management experience and leading local-market, engineering professionals.

Burlington Electricity Services Inc. makes it a priority to provide local citizens and businesses with unique opportunities to get involved on the ground floor in special programs that help shape the future of Burlington’s power grid and energy systems. In view of that goal, we operate the EV Future Grid, Burlington’s next generation EV Charging Station Network. 

The EV Future Grid will continue to evolve offering unique opportunities for Burlington citizens and organizations to help pave the way for the broad scale adoption of EVs in our community.  The Future Grid Condo Bundle includes a full-service monitored charging station solution for condominiums developers and condominium boards.  This is our largest active EV initiative. 

Local owners of electrical vehicles who are residential customers of Burlington Hydro, are also presented with unique opportunities to plug into the Future Grid, benefiting by expert, local market support through every phase of the EV charging station installation and deployment. Such ground-floor participation helps shape the future of the adoption and growth of electrical vehicles in our community.  These programs are developed and managed by Burlington Electricity Services Inc