The Future Grid Network

Tomorrow's Vision for Electric Vehicle Charging and Connectivity
Connecting to the EV Future Grid Protects your vehicle from power surges and downtime, while helping manage the cumulative load on Burlington’s electricity system.

It’s Smart, Intuitive and Efficient!

The EV Future Grid is Burlington’s next generation EV Charging Station Network, backed by the engineering expertise of Burlington Electricity Services Inc.  The network plugs in individual EV owners and qualifying multi-residential developers, plus, as the vision evolves it will engage municipal facilities, other public places throughout the community and selected employers. Several leading edge industry partners are involved.  The benefits delivered by the EV Future Grid extend to the entire community by ensuring the electricity system is effectively positioned to meet the electricity demands during periods of peak load.


Plug in at Home

Home owners who equip their household with EV Future Grid connectivity benefit from the latest level II charging station technology and expert hands-on support through every stage of your decision and the installation.  Includes exclusive monitoring, automation and  helpful tools to help you get more out of your electric vehicle.


Plug in at Public Places

Our network will partner with the City of Burlington to provide EV Future Grid charging stations in municipal parking lots, and over time, to other strategic locations.


Plug in at the Condo

Participating condominiums and multi-residential complexes are offering dedicated EV Future Grid parking spots as an option to existing residents and new purchasers.


Plug in at Work

Longer term, we will expand the vision to include selective Burlington companies who operate EV Fleets.

Why Plug in?

As a participant of the EV Future Grid program, you’ll help pave the way for the broad scale adoption of EVs, helping us acquire vital key learning on home owner interaction with EVs and the load on the electricity grid. This type of information will help realize the full potential of electric vehicles and help curb climate change.